Facility Project Support Request Deadline Notice

Requests for facilities project support during summer session 2024 are due October 31, 2023. A facility project support request form must be completed by any department seeking to renovate or modify a space or area (including outdoor areas); install or remove equipment with a utility connection (water, power, electric, natural gas); or obtain specialized climate conditions to support equipment or operations.

Project requests are still being accepted for winter session support through October 31, 2023 – support availability is currently limited for this timeframe.       

If the project includes a request to reassign a space, for additional space, or to convert a space to be used for a different purpose, a space allocation request must also be completed.

Departments are encouraged to submit their projects requests as far in advance as possible.  Doing so may increase the likelihood that the project can be completed by the proposed deadline in cases where the project must be awarded to an external contractor for completion. 

Project support request examples (including, but not limited to):

Space modification/renovation (including outdoor areas):

  • Remove and replace carpet
  • Add or remove walls
  • Convert a storage room into an office
  • Convert an existing general-purpose classroom into a laboratory
  • Install a sculpture or piece of equipment on the campus grounds

Install or remove equipment with a utility connection:

  • Support the installation of specialized department equipment (e.g., refrigerators, kilns, autoclaves, etc.)
  • Add or remove technology (televisions, projectors, etc.)

Specialized climate conditions to support equipment or operations:

  • Provide exhaust ventilation to support a new operation, such as an academic laboratory activity
  • Provide specialized climate control to support a sensitive piece of academic equipment

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Facilities Planning & Construction (mbaird@brockport.edu)

Posted: October 16, 2023