Tracy Feaster & Shannon Alvarado Present at Regional Conference

Tracy Feaster (Professional Education Unit) and Shannon Alvarado from Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES presented a workshop titled: “Innovative Solutions for Perpetual Problems” showcasing partnership initiatives.

The presentation focused on how staff members from Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES and SUNY Brockport partnered to find mutually beneficial, innovative solutions to the substitute teacher and substitute student behavioral assistant (SBA) shortage.

The presentation highlighted a pilot program that focused on National Association of Professional Development Schools element four Reflection and Innovation: “A professional development school makes a shared commitment to reflective practice, responsive innovation, and generative knowledge.”

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES recruited and hired SUNY Brockport teacher candidates as SBAs for summer 2022 and summer 2023 and SBA subs for spring 2023. The teacher candidates were strategically placed and tracked so that they worked with certified special education teachers and were able to complete the required assignments, at the required grade levels, to satisfy the field experience component of their special education methods class.

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Alisa James, Associate Dean, School of Education, Health, and Human (

Posted: October 11, 2023