Residential Life Presented on “Intrusive Advising in Residential Life”

Students laying on grass looking up to camera. Statement that 92 percent of residential students report agreeing they feel welcome and ex...

Director Don Bigelow, with Assistant Director Amber Rice, recently presented on “Intrusive Advising in Residential Life” at  to ACHUO-I Academic Initiatives Conference. Intrusive Advising is best described as an action-oriented proactive approach to assist and support students through their educational journey.

Residential Life/Learning Communities has implemented the direct approach of working with residential students termed “Intrusive Advising.” This is a core aspect of the experience our residential students will participate in, as it places a responsibility on the Residential Life staff to build relationships with our students as we help them navigate SUNY Brockport.

In just our second year of having our staff take a more direct and intentional means to building rapport with students we see results such as 92% of our students reporting they feel welcome and excited to be at SUNY Brockport! 91% of respondants report that their RA has helped them feel welcome in their first month at SUNY Brockport. These are exciting initial responses, collected from a survey sent to all residential students, with a response rate of 18%. 

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Posted: October 10, 2023