Windows 11 Targeted Updates for Employee Devices

BITS will be updating targeted employee devices to Windows 11 starting October 15 through the end of November. Targeted employee machines include PCs located in Dailey, Fannie Barrier Williams, Drake Memorial Library, Brockport Downtown, and Thompson.

Computer labs are not part up this update. 

The process will be using the current Windows update process. You will be prompted to update and have seven days to defer updates before your computer automatically updates. The update will take approximately an hour. 

We’ll be rolling out Windows 11 to the rest of the employee machines next semester. If it is more convenient for you to update your computer to Window 11 over winter break or during the Fall semester please let BITS know with a software request ticket

After the update you may need to pin your shortcuts to the taskbar.

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Shawn Maher (

Posted: September 29, 2023