Be the Change! Apply to be a BSG Court Justice

BSG is now hiring Student Court Justices. Make a positive impact on the student body, and gain professional experience for your resume. Applications open through 10/6. 

Student Court Justices are responsible for:

1. Reviewing legislation for constitutionality
2. Reviewing and voting on writs of certiorari as they are presented to the student court
3. Fulfilling individual duties depending on the justice’s individual role:

  • Chief Justice
  • Associate Chief Justice
  • Recorder
  • Clerk of Summons


1. A minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA
2. Attended Brockport for at least one full semester (with the exception of transfer students)
3. Current student enrolled in at least 6 credits

Applications will be available 9/29 at 5pm until 10/6 at 5pm. 


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