How to Request Food on Campus for a Group or an Event

All requests for food on campus (whether requesting a pick-up order from Garnishes 2 Go or a food waiver for food from an approved outside foodservice provider) start by completing a Catering/Food Request Form

As the exclusive foodservice provider for the campus, BASC has the right of first refusal for food requests and is also tasked with ensuring that proper documentation is in place for outside foodservice providers to minimize risk for the campus community, SUNY Brockport, and BASC.

Plan ahead for your catering needs. Garnishes offers an array of pick-up catering options. (Full-service and drop-off options are not currently available.) Requests for pick-up orders from the Garnishes 2 Go menu require at least one (1) weeks’ notice; requests for a food waiver to utilize an approved outside foodservice provider require a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice.

The Garnishes 2 Go menu is available for pick-ups weekdays from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. Weekend orders and orders after 4:30 pm are available for pick up at The Nest only (first floor of Harrison Hall). Plan ahead for how you’ll transport pick up orders (i.e. bring a cart or vehicle for larger orders).

If you are seeking a food waiver, indicate that on the Catering/Food Request Form. Upon exercising its first right of refusal, BASC will provide the requesting party with a list of approved vendors along with the Food Waiver Application. Once approved by BASC, the requesting party can proceed with contracting the approved outside foodservice provider.

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