Finance Club Excels in ETF Global® Portfolio Challenge

SUNY Brockport’s Finance Club shined this week in the global ETF Portfolio Challenge, with Nicholas Van Wie ranking #1 worldwide. Club members Gerald Zukoski and Thomas Sidore also ranked highly, reinforcing SUNY Brockport’s reputation in financial education.

This week, SUNY Brockport’s Finance Club distinguished itself in the ETF Global® Portfolio Challenge. This educational simulation aims to teach students about investing in Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) and is highly competitive, attracting entrants from 336 schools in the U.S. and 218 international schools across 45 countries and 49 states.

Leading the Brockport team was Senior Finance Major Nicholas Van Wie, who achieved an extraordinary risk-adjusted performance rate of 8.54%. This feat catapulted him to the #1 spot worldwide among over 1,000 students, a position made all the more remarkable when contrasted with the S&P 500’s negative performance of -2.54% over the same period.

In addition to Van Wie’s stellar performance, other club members also exceeded expectations. Specifically, Gerald Zukoski and Thomas Sidore registered impressive gains of +2.49% and +1.32%, ranking them fourth and seventh respectively on a global stage that includes the world’s best academic institutions. Their collective success can be attributed to a well-coordinated, diversified, and strategic investment approach, demonstrating their skills in different market sectors, asset management, and risk mitigation.

This collective achievement is consistent with the high standards of academic excellence and practical education set by SUNY Brockport’s School of Business & Management. It not only solidifies the club’s reputation but also enhances the institution’s standing in both domestic and international financial education circles.

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Posted: September 26, 2023