Limnology Laboratory Supports Short-Term Characterization of Oak Orchard River & Tributaries in Orleans Count

The Department of Environmental and Ecology’s Limnology Laboratory was awarded $12,206 from the Orleans County Soil and Water Conservation District to support short-term characterization of water chemistry and field data monitoring efforts on Oak Orchard River and its major tributaries in Orleans County.

Michael Chislock and his undergraduate and graduate students will assist in identifying water quality and potential sources of excess sediments and nutrients in relation to agriculture, developed land use, and private and municipal wastewater discharges. This information will be used by local planners to create, modify, and implement watershed management plans and strategies to restore or protect the water quality of Oak Orchard River and its tributaries, which are listed as impaired, impacted, or in need of verification by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List. Data will also be used for the future development of a Nine Element Watershed Plan for Oak Orchard River.

The award is administered by The Research Foundation for SUNY under the Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs Office.

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Laura Merkl (

Posted: September 20, 2023