Real Live Rooms: Morgan Rector & Caitlin Uhelsky

Take a look inside Brockport’s best-decorated residence hall rooms.

two students pose sitting on their beds in their dorm rooms

Names: Morgan Rector & Caitlin Uhelsky
Class Year: 2027
Major: Nursing (Rector) & Childhood Education (Uhelsky)
Residence Hall: McFarlane

Campus Living Q&A:

What brought you to Brockport?

“We wanted to both attend a SUNY school and Brockport is widely known for their teaching and nursing programs. We love how homey the town is and how Brockport has such a welcoming environment.”

What’s your favorite part about Brockport now that you’re here?

“We love that everything is very convenient, and you don’t have to go anywhere too far to get the things you need.”

dorm room with decorations
one side of a dorm room, with photos hung on the wall beside the bed

Best part about living with your roommate?

“Living with a roommate makes us feel like we have family away from home. It’s like coming to college with a sister and brings the family aspect to living on campus.”

Down to the Details

Favorite 3 items:

  1. “The ‘M’ & ‘C’ signs above our beds because they show the different sides of our room while also tying the room together.”
  2. “Our coffee bar is so cute and aesthetically pleasing! We are such big coffee girls, so it’s convenient to have in our room.”
  3. “Our rug! It ties the whole room together and adds calming vibes.”

Tips for Decorating a Dorm Room:

“Coordinate with your roommate ahead of time. Pick one color scheme, and then find items within that color scheme to make it your own. Fill the room with your favorite things, especially things from home so you still have the comforts of home while you’re away!”

Can’t live without:

“We can’t live without the homey and calming feeling we get when we are spending time in our room. Oh, and the coffee bar!”

close up of coffee bar in a dorm room, with a coffee machine and a sign that reads coffee time

Advice for next year’s freshmen

“When choosing a roommate make sure you get to know them and talk to them openly, especially about things like sleep schedules and cleanliness. You don’t want any surprises. You want to find someone you will love living with!”

close up photo of hair clips hanging on wall organizer wall art hanging in dorm room