Non-Brockport Email Addresses in Brightspace Rosters

You may have students in your Brightspace rosters who have email addresses for other campuses. This is not Brockport specific as it is an issue across all SUNY campuses. There is a fix for this, but it requires your students to take action.

Here is the communication being sent to students from BITS:

Have you recently attended or transferred from another SUNY school? If so, your notification settings might be set to your former school email account. Here’s how to fix this.

**This is recommended only if the user is finished at the other campus:

  1. Send an email to from your SUNY Brockport email account
  2. The Subject should read: “Convert my Brightspace account to Brockport”
  3. The text of the email should read – note, change the content in the **: “Please transfer my Brightspace account from *PREVIOUS CAMPUS NAME* (*PREVIOUS CAMPUS EMAL ACCOUNT*) to Brockport (*USER NETID*”

As students, you have been and will continue to receive all communications in your Brightspace mail. When logging into Brightspace, users will notice an orange dot over the envelope at the top of their Brightspace window, this identifies that new messages have arrived. Click the envelope to open Brightspace mail.

Messages received in your Outlook email from Brightspace are a notification only that there is a message in the Brightspace system, and you must log into Brightspace to reply.

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Author: Jeff Thompson


Posted: September 14, 2023