Brockport Downtown Food Pantry & Closet

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the food pantry and professional clothes closet at Brockport Downtown. Your donations have made this possible for our students.

Did you know  Brockport Downtown has a Food Pantry and Professional Clothing Closet located in the Graduate Resource Space, room 564. People from our community have asked how to contribute. We can receive donations throughout the year to help keep our closet and shelves full for our students. The majority of Brockport Downtown students live within our Rochester, NY location, making the Brockport Downtown Pantry and Closet accessible. However, this resource is available to any and all students in our University that stop by. 

Food Pantry Donation Items

Any non-perishable foods/snacks/drinks.  We also have a shelf for toiletries. 

Professional Clothing Donation Items:

Any professional clothing in good clean condition, newer shoes, brief cases, etc. We are also taking donations for coat hangers because now we have extended our options into two closets.

If you would like to donate, please contact the Brockport Downtown Operations Office (x8000) or email Lisa Robusto-Mack at .  

If you are not able to donate, other ways you can help is by promoting and engaging with students to let them know this resource is available to them at Brockport Downtown.  

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