Are you a BADASS Bystander?

image of a teal ribbon for sexual assault awareness

As part of our ongoing initiatives to combat sexual, relationship, and gender-based violence, HPPE is going global with its new BADASS Bystander program! Register Today!

Research shows that students, faculty, and staff who are well versed in proactive, effective bystander intervention skills are able to actively contribute to the prevention of violence within the college community.  As part of our commitment to combatting sexual, relationship, and gender-based violence on campus, Health Promotion and Prevention Education has debuted our new bystander intervention workshop - BADASS Bystander (Being Aware, Deciding to Act, Saying Something)

HPPE is partnering with Brockport Student Government to train student organizations and their leaders to be leaders is violence prevention on campus.  Student organizations that participate in a BADASS Bystander Training will receive additional tier points towards their annual budgets.

To sign up for an open workshop during the fall semester, click the link below:


To request a BADASS Bystander workshop in your class, club meeting, department, etc., email Mat Hall at 

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Mathew Hall, M.Ed.,
Associate Director 
Health Promotion and Prevention Education

Posted: September 08, 2023