Education Faculty Write Article on Virtual Reality Technology

Arpit Bawa and Dr. Papia Bawa wrote an article on challenges and solutions of implementing virtual reality to improve learning experiences.

In this collaborative research, Dr. Papia Bawa and Arpit Bawa focused on the potential of virtual reality (VR) as a means to improve learning experiences, given its acceptance and adaptation within curriculum remains significantly limited.

One possible reason for this is the lack of information regarding how faculty from different disciplines and with different levels of expertise in using VR perceive the challenges and benefits of its implementation. As such, this study used a phenomenography approach to share the views of faculty from Business, Instructional Design and English in this context. Interview and observation data findings suggest that while faculty are keenly interested in VR technology, the challenges posed by cost, hardware and software can sometimes be prohibitive to VR adaptation.

The authors offered multiple suggestions to mitigate such challenges so that students and faculty can benefit from a technology that is highly immersive and engaging. The recommendations support and add to the literature and highlight the deeper details of issues and recommendations for VR integration in curriculum.


Bawa, A., & Bawa, P. (2023). Faculty perceptions on using virtual reality: Strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations. SN Computer Science, 4(5). 

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Posted: September 07, 2023