Psychology Professor & Alums Publish Research on Confronting Anti-Asian Prejudice

Tyra Andrus, Dr. Ratcliff, and Fola Olowu celebrating the publication of their research. Dr. Ratcliff is holding a copy of the paper proof.

Dr. Jennifer Ratcliff (Professor of Psychology) and former members of her Positive Intergroup Relations Lab (including two McNair Scholars) recently published research in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Dr. Jennifer Ratcliff, former members of her Postive Intergroup Relations Lab, Tyra Andrus, Folake Olowu, and Jessica Capellupa, and collaborator Dr. Audrey Miller, recently published a research article entitled, “When Potential Allies and Targets Do (and Do Not) Confront Anti-Asian Prejudice: Reactions to Blatant and Subtle Prejudice During the COVID-19 Pandemic”, in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence

Across two studies, this research examined barriers to the confrontation of anti-Asian prejudice duing the COVID-19 Pandemic. Findings underscored the need for interventions to increase detection of all forms of anti-Asian prejudice and to provide would-be confronters with effective confrontation tools.

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Posted: September 04, 2023