How Can Faculty & Staff Promote Study Abroad?

The Center for Global Education and Engagement promotes study abroad in a number of ways, but our impact is limited without the support of Brockport’s faculty and staff across campus. Learn how you can encourage our students to participate in meaningful experiences abroad. 

Below are suggested ways in which faculty and staff can be strong advocates of study abroad, driving an increase in student participation in many direct and indirect ways. 

Classroom and Event Presentation Request

The Center for Global Education and Engagement (CGEE) offers customized study abroad presentations which can can range from 5-15 minutes. The presentations can be a general overview of study abroad or it can be focused on a specific academic concentration. Additionally, advisors are available for informational events such as presentations to student clubs, departmental meetings, or events for prospective Brockport students. Schedule your event below!

Classroom Presentation Request | Event Presentation Request

Events Calendar

Encouraging students to attend any event hosted by CGEE, including our weekly “Study Abroad 101” workshop, is a great opportunity for students to learn about study abroad opportunities in a “one stop shop” setting. Faculty and staff are welcome to attend all events to learn about offerings and the steps students need to take to study abroad. 

Academic Advisement

When meeting with students for academic planning, the earlier you can discuss how they can incorporate study abroad into their academic career, the better. We have programs for all majors that range in duration from two weeks, a single semester, to the full academic year, and they take place in many countries around the world.

We can work together to create a guide for your students that will include information on best times for them to go abroad, which programs contain courses for their major, and highlight current programs your department “champions.”

Develop a Faculty-Led Program

Take your classroom experience to the next level with a short-term study abroad experience! Developing a faculty-led program is an opportunity for faculty to combine traditional classroom learning with experiential learning abroad, in whichever focus they choose. On average, these programs range from two - four weeks over the summer or winter and are a great opportunity for students who are first time travelers, as it is supervised and with a cohort of their peers. 

CGEE is always available to discuss ways in which you can promote study abroad to the Brockport student body. For further discussion, please contact

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Posted: August 29, 2023