Environmental Science & Ecology Graduate Students Present Research

Nick Farese and Jarrod Ludwig presented their graduate research at the 153rd Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society held in Grand Rapids, Michigan from August 20-24, 2023.

In addition, Jarrod presented a talk to the Biannual Great Lakes Fish Health Committee during the meeting. Ludwig, J., Blowers, T., Tillitt, D., Lantry, B. and Rinchard, J. The Great Lakes lake trout thiamine monitoring program

Nick and Jarrod are advised by Dr. Jacques Rinchard.

Dr. Rinchard also coauthored three presentations.

  • Egg thiamine concentrations in lake trout and hatched fry from the Northern Refuge of Lake Michigan.
  • Acquisition of thiamine by wild lake trout eggs and free embryos reared in Lake Champlain.
  • Influence of temperature and food on growth of wild-caught larval sea lamprey.


Farese, N., Wells, S., and Rinchard, J. Use of stomach contents, fatty acids, and stable isotopes to assess lake trout diet from Otsego Lake.

Ludwig, J., Lipscomb, T., Mantua, N., Jeffres, C., Johnson, R., Field, J., Finney, B., Foott, S., Kwak, K., Tillitt, D., Williams, T., Ward, A., and Rinchard, J. Diet assessment of thiamine deficient California Chinook salmon using fatty acid signatures.

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Jacques Rinchard (jrinchar@brockport.edu)

Posted: August 25, 2023