TurnItIn Artificial Intelligence Writing Detection

Brockport is piloting the TurnItIn AI Detection feature for the Fall ’23 semester.

This past spring TurnItIn activated a beta version of their Artificial Intelligence (AI) detection software that is integrated within Brightspace. Brockport opted into the pilot for evaluation through the summer and into the Fall 2023 semester. The Provost will be seeking input from faculty users mid-semester to help determine the importance of paying for this service on a continuing basis.

To use the AI Writing Detector, simply look at the Similarity Report and look for the box labeled AI on the right of the window. To learn more about the document, click on the AI percentage to review the qualifying text in the submission that has been determined to be, or not be, generated by AI.

Note the caution message, “Percentage may not indicate academic misconduct. Review is required” when using this feature.

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Author: Jeff Thompson



Posted: August 23, 2023