Select Your Meal Plan Before Sept. 8!

Students have the first two weeks of classes to make a change to their meal plan. Whether you’re on campus or off campus, we’ve got great options for everyone!  

Did you know you have until Sept. 8 to make a change to your meal plan?

That means there’s still time! Incoming freshman and transfer students living on campus are defaulted to the Any 19 plan, but there are three more options available:

  • Any 10
  • Any 14
  • Unlimited

Learn more online, and make a change by visiting where you can navigate to your account. Keep in mind that returning students living on campus are defaulted to the plan you had last semester.

Townhome and commuter students have even more options to choose from! While meal plans are not required for these students, many invest in a meal plan for the fun and camaraderie of eating with friends on campus! You have all the aforementioned options available, plus the Any 5 Plan, which averages one meal a day while you’re on campus. Points Plans and Block Plans are also available, offering even more flexibility. Learn more about townhome and commuter options here.

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Posted: August 18, 2023