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If you support using openly licensed materials to reduce course expenses, you have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge about Open Educational Resources (OER). Additionally, you can participate in improving SUNY Brockport’s OER program by joining a new faculty learning community.

This year’s 2023-2024 Faculty Learning Community (FLC) needs five to seven additional members. 

This community hosts bi-weekly meetings, where participants come together either in person or through Teams. The focus of these meetings will be to discuss and exchange best practices related to OER. Furthermore, the community will also be sharing insights gained from their collaboration with the Association of American Colleges and Universities in the realm of OER. 

Here’s what FLC does:

  • Helps faculty develop focused plans to implement and assess OER, as well as identify challenges or opportunities in finding/using OER materials.
  • Documents success stories to build OER advocacy and support professional development (faculty/staff/students, IT, library, bookstore, etc.).
  • Shares information with other SUNY schools through the SUNY OER Summit and other collaborations.

Currently, the AAC&U OER Team includes Angela Thompsell (History), Jennifer Wood (Social Work), Ning Yu (Computer Science), and Jie Zhang (co-leader), Education and Human Development).

Review the Goals of the 2023-24 OER FLC:

  • Review OER research by exploring how it makes a difference in student learning outcomes.
  • Develop OER programming, training, and networking.
  • Support new faculty.
  • Dive deeper during twice monthly OER meetings to cover topics like getting started with OER (adopting, adapting, creating, finding material).
  • Improve access to OER and diversity.
  • Understand APT and tenure in relation to OER.

If you are interested in joining the 2023-2024 FLC, reach out to Mary Jo Orzech at

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Author: Mary Jo Orzech


Mary Jo Orzech
Phone: (585) 395-2141

Posted: August 09, 2023