Shaquay Ely

BS in Communication Studies

Why did you pick Communication as a major?

I picked communication as a major because loved it so much as a minor! It complemented my psychology classes so nicely, and I loved how relatable and useful the material was.

What has your learning experience been like in the Department of Communication?

My learning experience in the communication department has been wonderful. I’ve truthfully taken many things away from each one of my classes, and I believe that is due to the integrative teaching style of the professors. Most classes I’ve taken in the department have been filled with practical applications and exercises, which make the information stick with you for a long time.

Tell me about a communication class that or faculty member who made a significant impact on you.

One professor who has had a significant impact on me is Joe Chesebro. His ability to connect with students and be so personable while being effective in class is unmatched, and it has allowed me to look up to him as a mentor and feel comfortable being myself, flaws and all.

What are your future goals? How has the Department helped prepare you to meet them?

My goal one day is to become a marriage and family therapist. Having this major will help me tremendously in this field, and I believe it will be the key to delivering effective therapy. After all, the knowledge that I need to be a therapist isn’t useful if I don’t know how to communicate it to my clients!

What is one recommendation you have for future Communication students?

My recommendation to future communication students is to find a mentor in the department (it’s okay to directly ask them to mentor you!) and ask them about anything and everything!

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