Michael Wielgosz

BS in Communication Studies

Why did you pick Communication as a major?

I picked Communication as a major because of the wide variety of classes that are offered and because the course work relates to real life situations. At SUNY Brockport, being a communication major pairs beautifully with any other area of study. So, the major truly is for anyone. Communication as a degree stands out on a job resume because communication skills are valued by organizations.

What has your learning experience been like in the Department of Communication?

My learning experience in the Department of Communication has been nothing but positive. Students and faculty within the department are all endearing individuals. Around them, I feel comfortable and express myself freely. This has allowed me to gain skills and knowledge that will help me get my dream job.

Tell me about a communication class that or faculty member who made a significant impact on you.

CMC 201 Public Speaking made a significant impact on me as a person and helped me in my other classes, as well. CMC 201 gets you in front of the class speaking and presenting. Public speaking is a skill everyone will need in their professional careers, whether it be pitching a new idea or asking for a raise. Because of CMC 201, I feel more outgoing and comfortable voicing my concerns and getting what I need.

What are your future goals? How has the Department helped prepare you to meet them?

As well as being a Communication major, I am a Sport Management major. So, my future goals consist of working for a professional sports organization or for a university athletics program. More specifically, I want to be involved in event and facility management. I believe that the Department of Communication has prepared me for my future endeavors by teaching me about how to be professional, how organizations function, and how to deal with conflict in the workplace.

What is one recommendation you have for future Communication students?

Embrace challenge, and learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The Communication major pushes you out of your comfort zone in all the right ways to get the best out of you as a student and as an individual. The core classes of the Communication major might seem foreign and different at first. But, I highly recommend giving them a try. When all is said and done, they will make you a well-rounded, confident individual.

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