Keagan Beemish

BS in Communication Studies

Why did you pick Communication as a major?

I picked Communication as a major because I knew it would give me a wide range of skills. Learning about communication is important to me because I know I’m going into a field in which I’ll be speaking, writing, and liaising.

What has your learning experience been like in the Department of Communication?

My experience in the Department of Communication has been full of opportunities, individual growth, and mentorship. The word that comes to mind is “valuable.” Without this path in the Department of Communication, I would not have the skillset I do, and I would not be the version of myself that I am proud of today.

Tell me about a Communication class that or faculty member who made a significant impact on you.

A Communication faculty member who has made a significant impact on me is Dr. Matthew Althouse. Not only has Dr. Althouse challenged me to excel in class, but he unlocked a field of study that I didn’t know was available. He has stepped into a mentor role as I form my post-graduation plan. Dr. Althouse manages his work as Department Chair and professor exceptionally well, and I’ve taken cues from him and applied them to my leadership positions. In terms of making time for me as his student, he has loaned me books and articles to read, stories to follow, people to research, and other resources for my success.

What are your future goals? How has the Department helped prepare you to meet them?

My future goals are achievable with the preparation I have received from SUNY Brockport. In the Fall of 2023, I’ll be in Washington, D.C., pursuing academic research on religious discourse as it relates to women in the United States. In the Spring of 2024, I hope to study abroad in Grenada, Spain. After graduation, I plan to move to D.C. permanently. Eventually, I want to work for the American Civil Liberties Union, for The White House, or for the Institute for Justice.

What is one recommendation you have for future Communication students?

One recommendation for future Communication students is to make use of office hours! A key to success is getting connected. During office hours, professors to set aside time for students to come to ask questions and review assignments.

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