Procurement & Payment Services Tip of the Month

With the exception of Travel Vouchers, all requests submitted to Procurement and Payment Services must be accompanied by a requisition. Please provide all proper documentation as well as a signature by an authorized signer on the account to be charged.

Please note the account signatory must be on file with the Budgeting Office.

  • All purchases of $2,500 or more must have written approval by the Provost, Vice President, or President prior to submitting a purchase requisition to Procurement and Payment Services. 

Failure to submit a fully completed requisition, including supporting documentation and proper signatures, will be returned to the ordering department. 

Please send ALL requisitions directly to Amy Freeman at

Your understanding and cooperation are most appreciated.  Should you have any questions, please contact Director of Campus Services, Mark Stacy.

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Mark Stacy (

Posted: August 01, 2023