Stevie Rudak | August 01, 2023

One Team, One Goal

Brockport Dance Team club president explains the importance of school spirit, club camaraderie, and inclusivity.

Brockport Dance Team

Jessie Kash, Club President and Captain of Brockport’s Dance Team, shares the vibrancy of the organization’s culture and its continuous presence on Brockport campus. Kash is a senior, double majoring in Communications and Dance.

Q: Can you describe the Brockport Dance Team?

A: Brockport Dance Team is a group of 50+ talented dancers that choreograph, perform, and attend various dance competitions throughout the school year. Brockport Dance Team shares its love of dance with the Brockport community and invites others to do so by performing at football and basketball games, taking part in different community service events throughout the year, and collaborating with other student organizations.

Q: What is the Club’s mission?

A: The organization’s mission is to bring students together because of their passion for dance. Due to the shared passion, our members can come together to create and perform, not only for SUNY Brockport, but for each other.

Our team’s chant, “One team. One goal. Who are we? BDT,” has been passed down for years through the Club’s previous leadership and shows our commitment to holding an inclusive community.

Q: What does the Club provide to our campus community?

A: The Club Sport holds a creative and inclusive environment for all Brockport students. We want our teammates to know they have a safe space, especially during the year. Not only do we create beautiful friendships through being a part of the Brockport Dance Team, but we consistently practice teamwork skills when putting together all our performances for family, friends, and peers.

Q: What are past events Brockport Dance Team has participated in?

A: In 2022, Brockport Dance Team hosted its first home competition! We had multiple schools travel to compete alongside our own competition team including SUNY Cortland’s Dance Company and Utica University’s Dance Team. The energy of the competition was nothing but positive; and we are excited to host another home competition in the future.

Performing for both the Men and Women’s Basketball Teams, plus the Division III football team, is also a fun experience! These opportunities allow our team to excite a crowd and enjoy ourselves, while doing what we love.

Q: What is most surprising about the Club that not a lot of students know about?

A: Brockport Dance Team is a 100% student run team. This means all the work put into the team is all from your peers! We have an Executive Board of student leaders who all cohesively run the team during the academic year. This Executive Board consists of two Club Presidents, also known as Captains, a Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and a Community Engager.