Women & Gender Studies Professor Serves as Invited Faculty for Virtual NYI

Dr. Barbara LeSavoy’s workshop was titled “Beyond Boundaries: A Feminist Manifesto for the Post-Anthropocene Epoch.”

The NYI Global Institute of Cultural, Cognitive, and Linguistics Studies is an advanced study program focusing on underrepresented and interdisciplinary fields of study, concerned with human language, culture, and society with seminars, lectures, and workshops in critical cultural studies, theoretical linguistics, and a range of other fields.

Dr. LeSavoy co-taught the feminist manifesto-making workshop with two colleagues, Sarah Vollmer and Racelar Ho (both in digital media studies at York University in Toronto). The workshop provided participants with a two-part approach to feminist manifesto-making.

  • Part I engaged Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an art form to build feminist manifestos.
  • Part II engaged body/minds in creative manifesto writing.

The workshop concluded with a critique of the dangers and possibilities of technology and naturally assisted intelligences in advancing feminisms in the Post-Anthropocene epoch. 

Manifestos created in the workshop were published and exhibited in both digital and physical formats at the academic conference, EVA London 2023, and its associated art exhibition.

This is Dr. LeSavoy’s ninth time serving as invited NYI faculty.  

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Barb LeSavoy (blesavoy@brockport.edu)

Posted: July 21, 2023