Check Out Brockport Downtown’s Walls

Art Gallery attachment showing art pieces on the walls at Brockport Downtown donated from Dr. Faith Prather and Tyson Tate

A new art gallery wall has been installed at Brockport Downtown, thanks to the donation from Dr. Faith Prather, Professor Emerita.

The art gallery is installed next to the elevator lobby on the 5th floor at Brockport Downtown, in a gallery-style format to highlight each reflective piece. We invite guests, students, and faculty from our community to stop by and comment on the exciting addition to our institution. 

The next art gallery being highlighted is from Tyson Tate. This artist has donated their personal art collection and design.  You can view Tyson’s art wall across from the student lounge, bringing joyful colors and thoughtful design. On your way to the lounge or to the mailroom, you can go on a journey through art, looking at each unique and fun piece. 

Brockport Downtown sends a thanks to Dr. Prather and Tyson Tate for their help in creating a fun and collaborative environment, while enhancing the Brockport Downtown community.

More student art work is coming in the future. Brockport Downtown will continue to celebrate creativity, collaboration, and community.

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Lisa Robusto-Mack

Posted: July 05, 2023