Environmental Science & Ecology Assistant Professor Publishes Scientific Paper

Dr. Kristen Malone and co-authors published a peer-reviewed paper in The Journal of Wildlife Management.

Land management regimes on publicly owned freshwater wetlands in North America have historically emphasized waterfowl, but there is limited information on how waterfowl‐focused wetland management affects other wetland‐dependent wildlife. Secretive marsh birds (rails and bitterns) depend on freshwater wetlands and often encounter vegetation and water conditions resulting from waterfowl-focused management regimes.

In their review, Malone and co-authors assessed how wetland conditions being produced for target species (mainly waterfowl) align with secretive marsh bird habitat requirements. They highlight management strategies that may not currently align with secretive marsh bird life-cycle needs and suggest adjustments to promote habitat for secretive marsh birds while still achieving waterfowl objectives.


Malone KM, Webb EB, Mengel D, Kearns L, Matteson SW, McKellar AE (2023) Wetland management practices and secretive marsh bird habitat in the Mississippi Flyway: a review. Journal of Wildlife Management e22451.

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Kristen Malone (kmalone@brockport.edu)

Posted: June 26, 2023