Aisha Wall

Aisha wall at work in hospital with stethescope


Overcoming adversity in her own life to finish what she started, Aisha Wall has become a leader and is making a positive impact on the healthcare disparities that black and brown people face.


Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you chose Brockport?

“I have been an RN [Registered Nurse] for five years with experience in Pediatrics, Postpartum, Psych, and Emergency, and I am also an Army Veteran. I have six siblings and two spoiled dogs. I am the first RN in my family, a first-generation degree holder with a bachelor’s and master’s degree. My goal is to increase the number of diverse RNs/NPs within urban communities to address healthcare disparities. I love inspiring other people to follow their passions.

I chose Brockport because when I graduated from high school in 2008, I was a student for a few years, then I had to withdrawn for personal reasons and multiple tragedies within my family. I was determined to finish where I started, I obtained my associate’s degree in Nursing and applied to Brockport to finish the rest of my nursing career. Brockport also has low tuition, the location is convenient, the easy application process, and most of all the outstanding amount of support from the Brockport nursing faculty and the CSTEP/McNair Program. It feels more like a family at Brockport within the nursing community and the leadership of the CSTEP/McNair program. I absolutely love attending Brockport, the nursing faculty are some of the most influential, caring and genuine instructors I have ever met! Without the support of these two programs at Brockport, I would not be as successful as I am today! I am proud to say that I will be continuing my studies at Brockport in Fall 2023 to obtain my Doctorate in Nursing Practice.

As an African American/Black student from the inner city of Rochester who has been through poverty, faced adversity, lack of familial support, financial instability, and had many failures in life, I was able to overcome and superseded my own goals while attending Brockport’s nursing programs.”

Describe your most significant academic accomplishment. 

“I published an article in the April issue of Nursing2023 Journal, entitled “Practicing cultural humility toward black and brown communities in the ED”.  I also successfully instructed three students to apply and get accepted into the Family Nurse Practitioner program.”

How has the above experience impacted your future plans?

“This experience has allowed me to be a leader in making a positive impact on the healthcare disparities that black and brown people face in the Rochester community and encourage other healthcare providers how important cultural humility is in healthcare.”

What would you tell a future student interested in your field of study?

“Be passionate, intentional, open to feedback, flexible, and focused. Even when you do not feel you want to give up, your passion will push you to keep striving. Do not be afraid of failure or to ask questions.”

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