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Brockport Women's Union Club Founder, Keegan Beamish '23, at Club Craze.
Founder of the Brockport Women’s Union, a student club, describes the organization and the impact it brings to campus.

Founder and previous Club President, Keegan Beamish ’23, sheds light on the influence of Brockport Women’s Union and its value to the campus community. Beamish was a double major in Communications and Women and Gender Studies.

Q: What is the mission of Brockport Women’s Union?

A: The Brockport Women’s Union seeks to educate all about current issues in our community and broader. Topics that the organization revolves around include, but are not limited to, reproductive justice, women’s empowerment, and activism. Overall, we aim to support and empower students of all genders within an inclusive and welcoming space.

Q: What does the organization do?

A: The organization hosts many meetings throughout the semester, where specific topics are discussed to empower young women in their early adulthood. Throughout the semester, we host guests on-campus who share insights into important societal topics. In addition to those initiatives, we enjoy participating in drives to benefit our local community.

Q: What are past events you’ve hosted?

A: “The History of Reproductive Justice in the United States,” and “White Supremacy and Sexual Violence,” are some examples of discussions the organization has held in the past. In February of 2023, Brockport Women’s Union collected donated supplies for the Healthy Baby Network of Rochester.

Furthermore, we co-hosted a campus-wide event called, “Take Back the Night,” where the community raises awareness about sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other forms of sexual violence. We also piloted the first on-campus International Women’s Day Panel during Women’s History Month.

Q: What can a new member expect when joining Brockport Women’s Union?

A: Students can expect to find solidarity, learn how to be an ally, and understand important topics related to health, safety, and beyond. Through this organization, members can solidify connections to communities they identify with, gain networks of support, and know ways to get involved with causes of their interest.

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