A Platform for Underrepresented Voices

Headshot of Joseph Golden
Graduate student begins a research journal dedicated to empowering communities and raising awareness on various societal issues.

While pursuing a Masters in History, Joseph Golden worked as a Research Assistant for Sustainable Progress Equality Collective. In this role, Golden’s responsibility was to provide growth opportunities for minority groups and communities.

“With my background in art and design, I developed virtual art galleries for artists from unrepresented backgrounds,” said Golden. “This gallery space became much more expansive, and started to incorporate journal work for college students who wanted their work published but didn’t have access to avenues of publication.”

Golden found a passion in giving a voice to underrepresented communities and created the Journal of Engaged Research in 2021. The online publication features a collective space where anyone can share their work related to social justice issues, aspects of identity, and problems affecting their communities.

“We’re not a journal that only accepts written work,” Golden said. “We accept art pieces, poetry, music, dance pieces, videos, and other forms of communication that goes beyond the written word. It’s about highlighting all expressions of community life.”

Contributors undergo a personalized editing process due to the widely unique delivery of the content in the journal.

“We have editors who work one-on-one with those who’ve submitted pieces to the journal,” Golden said. “Editors will help to polish the submitted piece and get it ready for publication.”

The Journal of Engaged Research plans to roll out a mentorship program for students eager to learn more about the publication process. Mentees will experience a walk-through of the submission, editing, and publication process for the journal’s fourth issue revolving around neurodiversity.

“Students struggle with confidence in their skills to create something ‘good enough’ for publication,” said Golden. “Good mentors can help to build self-confidence.”

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