Chemistry Professor Receives Grant from American Physical Society

Dr. Robert LeSuer received a $2,138 grant from the American Physical Society to conduct a “Make Things Move” Workshop Series to foster “intergenerational play” and spark young learners interest in physics.

Dr. Robert LeSuer, Chemistry and Biochemistry, received funding from the American Chemical Society to support the “Make Things Move” Workshop Series.

The “Make Things Move” Workshop Series to guide 25 post-traditional learners through how to create a remote-control vehicle that can be operated with a smartphone app.

Participants will learn how to control motors using a microcontroller and create a chassis out of 3D parts, which will lead to participants deeper understanding of how physical concepts relate to real-world applications.

All participants are invited to bring younger family members to the workshops with them, encouraging intergenerational creative play, fostering conversations about science, and encouraging young learners to consider Physics as a course of study.

Workshop dates are to be determined, but if you are interested in participating please send an email to indicating your interest and you will be placed on the mailing list.

The grant will be administered by The Research Foundation for SUNY under the Office of Scholarship, Research & Sponsored Programs.

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