Faculty Learning Community: Exploring Ungrading

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is excited to offer a Faculty Learning Community as part of the Innovative Instruction Technology Grant received by Dr. Laurel McNall, Department of Psychology.

Faculty Learning Community

Going Gradeless: Exploring Ungrading as an Assessment Innovation to Enhance Student Outcomes and Equity

Traditional grading practices may harm student mental health, diminish student interest and motivation, decrease quality of learning, and perpetuate inequities among students as shown by research. Are you curious about alternative grading methods that may address some of these concerns? Do you want to explore ways to focus on learning and growth over grades?

Ungrading is an alternative grading method used to foster student motivation and growth. It focuses on a collection of feedback strategies where students become active participants in the assessment process. This FLC will offer a supportive space for faculty to learn and test out this approach.

In 2023-2024 the FLC will:

  • Learn more about ungrading from a full day workshop on September 15, 2023, led by Dr. Kristen Blinne, SUNY Oneonta
  • Participate in reading and discussion of two books, Ungrading and Grading for Growth
  • Plan ways to implement ungrading in at least one course (Fall ’23)
  • Implement at least one aspect of ungrading (Spring ’24)

Registration opens at 10 am on Monday May 22, 2023 (limited seating)

More information & registration

Facilitated by Dr. Laurel McNall (Psychology)

This FLC is a year-long commitment funded by SUNY IITG. If you’re unable to participate in this FLC, faculty registration for a one-day workshop will open in late August (limited seating).

CELT will be sponsoring another FLC on Open Educational Resources. Registration opens late August (maximum participation seven persons).

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