CSTEP/McNair Director Receives Award for Lifetime Commitment to Equality & Excellence in Education

CSTEP/McNair Director Barbara Thompson received the Felicia Rodriguez Torres Award of Excellence for her lifetime commitment to the values that the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education upholds.

Thompson received the award on April 26, 2023 at the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education’s (AEEE) annual conference in Niagara Falls. An active and dedicated member of AEEE since 2000, Thompson also served as their President in 2020-2021. She continues to serve as a mentor to members and the organization’s leadership.

Thompson has been a part of Brockport’s CSTEP/McNair program since 1992, serving as a tutor. She eventually became the Assistant Director and continued to lead the program when she became Director in 1998. Though her work on the Brockport campus in and of itself is more than a full time job, her steadfast commitment to increasing access and opportunities for Brockport’s CSTEP/McNair students is just one aspect of Thompson’s work. 

At the state and national level, Thompson is well known for her leadership and guidance of young professionals, students, and alumni of TRIO programs. Whether it’s lobbying in Albany and DC, planning national and state-wide conferences, collaborating with current students to serve as mentors for younger scholars, or serving as a steadfast source of support for Brockport CSTEP/McNair students, she makes a positive difference that is long-lasting, and life-changing. 

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Andrea C. Newman (anewman@brockport.edu)

Posted: May 08, 2023