Stevie Rudak | April 28, 2023

Professor’s Choreography Goes National

Dance piece selected for performance at the 2023 National College Dance Festival in Long Beach, CA.

Kaley Pruitt's choroegraphy Intersections performed by Mark Ellis Holland and Carly Lenzi.

Dance Professor Kaley Pruitt attended the American College Dance Association (ACDA) Regional Northeast Gala to showcase her duet “Intersections.” Out of the 48 pieces performed, Pruitt’s duet was one of four selected for ACDA’s 2023 National College Dance Festival.

“Intersections” was created when Pruitt prompted two Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Dance students, Marc Ellis Holland and Carly Lenzi, to answer questions about themselves through movement. Those movements were woven together under Pruitt’s feedback and guidance. 

“Seeing our piece chosen for ACDA’s upcoming national conference made all the hours in the studio, training, and efforts worth it.”
Carly Lenzi

Pruitt, as a choreographer, was like a painter,” expressed Lenzi. “We were the colors, and she was the one who brought it all together in a fluid dance.”

Pruitt’s goal for choreographing the piece was to create a process in which she and the dancers understood one another through movement.

“The inspiration for the work came from the scenario of me coming to a new institution, not knowing any of my students, and the students not knowing me,” Pruitt said.

After a couple improvisation sessions between the two dancers, Pruitt prompted them to create 16 phrases of movement based on a series of personal questions. Some of the questions Pruitt asked them were:

  • What is your full name and favorite nickname?
  • Who gave you that nickname?
  • How do you see your future self?

When the two students completed their separate 16 phrases, Pruitt pieced them together, while adding minor details to elevate the performance quality.

Carly Lenzi performing Intersections.

Carly Lenzi in the midst of performing Professor Pruitt’s piece,  “Intersections.”

“Seeing our piece chosen for ACDA’s upcoming national conference made all the hours in the studio, training, and efforts worth it,” Lenzi said.

ACDA serves as a platform for the collegiate dance community to share their talents through weekend-long events that include classes, lectures, film screenings, and performances. 

“ACDA brings dance and higher education together,” shared Pruitt. “Students gain exposure to what’s going on in the dance world, and faculty that attend get re-inspired.”

ACDA’s 2023 National College Dance Festival will be held at Long Beach, California, bringing together over 30 schools from across the United States.