Judo Club Excels at Garden State Judo Classic

Select photos of Brockport students at the Garden State Judo Classic
The SUNY Brockport Judo Club recently participated in the Garden State Judo Classic held in Wayne, New Jersey on April 16, 2023. The club, open to any students at all experience levels, showcased their skills and talents in the competition.

One of the highlights of the event was Mitsuhuro Shibata, an international student from Japan studying business at SUNY Brockport. Shibata, a first degree black belt in Judo, competed in a small but strong weight class and emerged victorious with two definitive wins. His agile ground work and well-executed body drop in the second match were key to his success.

Another strong performance was by Benjamin Baker, a sophomore nursing major and yellow belt, who was competing in his first Judo competition. Despite facing a tough pool of novice contestants, Baker demonstrated good avoidance techniques and made it challenging for his opponents to execute their desired throws. Ben went zero for two in his matches, and is ready to get back to training for his next competition.

The Judo club was led by their faculty advisor, BoB LeSuer, who provided coaching and guidance to the team throughout the competition. LeSuer also encourages faculty and staff to join the Judo club during community classes held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Club President Ben invites interested individuals to join the Judo club and participate in practices held on Friday afternoons. He can be reached at bbake7@brockport.edu. For more information, contact faculty advisor BoB LeSuer at rlesuer@brockport.edu.

The SUNY Brockport Judo Club continues to thrive and represent the university with their dedication, skill, and sportsmanship in Judo competitions. Congratulations to all the participants on their achievements at the Garden State Judo Classic!

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BoB LeSuer: rlesuer@brockport.edu

Posted: April 18, 2023