Hartwell Walk-In Clinic Open Through May 3

Share with your students that the Hartwell Walk-In Clinic is available to students looking for someone to talk to. It is open Monday through Thursday from 4:30 to 9:30 pm, on the first floor of Hartwell Hall, room 3A.

For students that would like to learn more about self-care or receive support for a personal challenge they are facing, invite them to visit the Hartwell walk-in Clinic Monday through Thursday, 4:30 to 9:30 pm. No appointment is necessary.

Students can attend the clinic with a friend or on their own. The counselors-in-training are graduate students doing their pre-practicum work and are supervised by credentialed master’s trained professional counselors. Students often come to the walk-in clinic who are facing academic, time management, or relationship concerns. Others may be experiencing depression, anxiety, sleep problems, or another matter challenging their mental health. Students usually come for one to five weekly sessions.

We work in collaboration with the Hazen Counseling Center so that referrals can be made as needed. Feel free to walk-in at your convenience or call ahead at (585) 395-2903.

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Robert Dobmeier (rdobmeie@brockport.edu)

Posted: April 17, 2023