Kevin Stiner | April 13, 2023

Alum Snags DI Coaching Position

Athletic Administration internship with Boston College Football leads to a job on their offensive staff.

Colin Leddy

A wide receiver specializes in catching the football. Colin Leddy ’23 carried that mentality with him off the field, catching every opportunity thrown his way. Leddy is currently pursuing a Master’s in Athletic Administration and interning with the football program at Boston College (BC) – who already offered him a position on their offensive coaching staff.

“If there wasn’t this internship portion of the degree, I may have had to go a different route,” Leddy said. “But that internship piece really was a huge part of it. I had a connection at BC and I’ve tried to work hard and do anything to help the team.”

“If there wasn’t this internship portion of the degree, I may have had to go a different route.”
Colin Leddy ’23

Leddy played Wide Receiver at Plymouth State University and won a Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference title in 2017. The final game of his college career ended in a loss to SUNY Brockport in the first round of the NCAA Division III Football Tournament.

After graduating, Leddy played professionally in the German Football League (GFL) for the Ingolstadt Dukes.

“It was great, there were a lot of ex-NFL players and we got to travel a lot. It was good competition, good crowds,” Leddy said.

Colin Leddy GFL

Colin Leddy ’23 in the GFL.

In addition to playing overseas, part of his role included coaching the youth football team.

“Originally in college I wanted to coach, but then I came around to media, but this (GFL experience) kind of connected some dots for me to get back into it,” Leddy said.

After his stint in the GFL, Leddy landed a job with Entercom Boston, utilizing his bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies. After a few years in the radio business, Leddy realized his passion was football and he was ready to get back in to coaching.

Leddy went on to work with football programs at Harvard University and University of New Hampshire before SUNY Brockport hired him as a Wide Receivers coach as part of a graduate assistantship.

“Coach Mangone’s coaching staff at Brockport really helped prepare me for this opportunity,” Leddy explained in relation to his position at Boston College. “I was very fortunate to work with such great coaches and players at Brockport.”

After graduating from the Master’s in Athletic Administration program, Leddy plans to accept the position on the offensive coaching staff at Boston College.