Discounted Summer Housing Option for Residential Life/University Partners

Have a student that is working for you/your department over the summer? Do they need housing? Residential Life can accommodate your students.

If the student is working with you or your department on an initiative/project over the 
summer, we can offer a discounted rate for summer on-campus housing. The rate would be $1,000 for the entire summer, compared to the traditional rate of $3,000.

At the conclusion of the summer, we would charge your department directly, for the students stay.

Students that stay on-campus under this offer, would be the responsibility of the applicable University department. All summer on-campus housing under this offer, would be in the Student Townhomes. Students will be required to abide by all University and Residential Life Policies as they relate to on-campus living. Residential Life will try to honor all requests for roommate preferences. There will be NO meals served OR food available on-campus during the summer. Students, who remain on-campus for summer, will be responsible for preparing their own meals and securing their own food. Finally, if the student ends employment with your office over the summer, they may be asked to check out of summer housing OR would be personally responsible for the remaining housing charges.

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Carl O’Connor (

Posted: April 12, 2023