CSEA Signing Bonus for the 2021-2026 Contract Agreement

The CSEA signing bonus will be paid on April 26, 2023.

The CSEA signing bonus will be paid on 4/26/23. The payment for full-time employees will be $3000.  Part time employees will receive a pro-rated payment based on their employment percentage. Employees are eligible for this payment if they meet the following criteria:

  • Employees must have continuous service in a CSEA bargaining unit (BU02, BU03, BU04, BU47) from 08/02/2022 through 03/31/2023.
  • Employees who retired after 08/02/2022 but on or before 03/31/2023.
  • Employees with an employee status of Leave of Absence on 03/31/2023 but who otherwise meet all other eligibility criteria are eligible for the signing bonus payment if they return to the payroll prior to 3/27/24.

The signing bonus payment will be included in the regular paycheck on 4/26/23, it will not be paid in a separate check. 

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Posted: April 10, 2023