CliftonStrengths Training Seminar

CliftonStrengths is renowned in empowering people world-wide to understand and connect with their talents and to capture human potential through their top five signature themes. This program is designed for all levels of faculty across campus.

Grounded in five decades of research, this program is designed to help you develop your talents into strengths, identify your unique contributions, and provides approaches for communication of your talents with others.

The self-assessment fee will be covered by CELT. Participants are expected to participate in the entire program as commitment to their registration.

Participants will

  • Take a self-assessment measuring their natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving prior to the workshop.
  • Receive a customized CliftonStrengths report identifying their top 5 signature themes.
  • Attend one of the below 2-hour in person sessions which will discuss the four domains of strengths-based development, reframe what drives you through the lens of your talents, understand how to succeed using your themes, learn strategies to manage areas of challenge, and contribute to a Great University at which to Work (Goal 4 of Building a Better Brockport).

Facilitated by Lynda Cochran, CELT Director 

Registration maximum is 14 persons per session. Registration closes April 20 to allow for self-assessment completion.

Last session offered this semester- Thursday, April 27 (9:30-11:30 am)

To register visit the CELT Website

Please contact CELT if you desire an academic department-wide training. Cross campus  offerings are coming soon.

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Posted: April 10, 2023