April 10: Brightspace Updates

Brightspace will be updated on April 10 in the following areas: “Save as Draft” Enabled for Discussions, Course Mail: Preview Pane, and Course Mail: Signature Line.

These updates are a result of the SUNY Campus Implementation Planning Work Group which comprises over 100 members from across a wide variety of SUNY campuses.

“Save as Draft” Enabled for Discussions

This will help both faculty and student users save a draft when typing a discussion response in a textbox, so they do not lose work.

When using the save draft feature, users will access the draft from the discussion topic in which they created their post. They may select the “filter by” drop-down option to locate drafts. They can click on the title of the post to continue editing and publish the post when complete.

Course Mail: Preview Pane

This change will disable the preview pane from opening at the time Email opens. This allows for the list of emails to be visible (if the preview pane is enabled, it blocks the mail list on the Course Mail landing page).

With the new settings, when the user clicks on an individual mail message, it will open in a new window so the user can see the message and the list of course mail at the same time.

If the user prefers to view the preview pane, the setting can be changed in Settings to Show the Message Preview pane in the Display Options pictured below.

Course Mail: Signature line

The default message included in all emails generated from within Brightspace will now read, “This is a notification that you have received a message in Brightspace. Please log into Brightspace to reply to this message. A reply to this message from outside of Brightspace will not be received.”

  • If you have already changed your email signature line from the previous default, you will retain your own personal signature and this change will not affect you.

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Posted: April 06, 2023