Anthony Arnone | April 04, 2023

Total Eclipse of the Port

A year from now an extremely rare natural phenomenon - a total solar eclipse - will make Brockport a destination for tourists from around the world.

Solar Eclipse over SUNY Brockport campus

Don’t miss your chance to see a literal once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. On Monday, April 8, 2024, a Total Solar Eclipse will be viewable from Brockport, NY. The last time Rochester experienced a Total Solar Eclipse was in 1925 and the next one will be in 2144.

The eclipse is expected to draw a huge number of spectators to the area, including the Brockport campus. In 2021, Monroe County estimated that 375,000–550,000 tourists could travel to the county for the eclipse.

“Brockport’s location on the central line of totality means that we will experience a longer period of totality than locations further from the center, such as five seconds longer than our neighbors in the city of Rochester,” said Eric Monier, Professor of Physics.

The eclipse will go through three phases over the course of nearly two and a half hours.

  1. At 2:07 pm, the Moon will begin to cover the sun.
  2. Totality will begin just before 3:20 pm and last 3 minutes and 43 seconds long. During totality, the brightest stars, planets, and the Sun’s outer atmosphere (corona) are visible. Changes in temperature and animal behavior will also occur.
  3. Finally, the Moon will gradually uncover the sun in a second partial phase, ending around 4:33 pm.

Total Eclipse of the Port

SUNY Brockport’s “Total Eclipse of the Port” on campus celebration will primarily be held at Eunice Kennedy Shriver Stadium. The eclipse centerline will pass directly over the stadium, leaving Brockport in totality for longer than areas outside of the centerline.

“We are the place to be,” said Stuart Soloway, Chair of the SUNY Brockport Solar Eclipse Celebration Committee. “While the eclipse will be visible in the surrounding areas, the centerline will definitely cross over Brockport and we will see the corona for longer.”

“While the eclipse will be visible in the surrounding areas, the centerline will definitely cross over Brockport and we will see the corona for longer.”
Stuart Soloway

In partnership with the Rochester Museum and Science Center, SUNY Brockport will be offering solar viewing glasses on campus to ensure that visitors will be able to view the eclipse safely and responsibly.

“Do not look directly at the Sun during the partial phases of an eclipse without a filter or solar viewing glasses,” said Monier. “It is safe to look directly at the sun only during the few minutes of totality.”

The Total Eclipse of the Port will include more than just a viewing experience of the eclipse. Leading up to the event, SUNY Brockport plans to have food trucks on campus and other festivities that will extend into the night.

“The event will be fun, festive, and educational,” said Soloway. “Alum Christine Lavin ’73 will be holding a Twilight Concert to encourage visitors to stay on campus longer to avoid traffic jams.”

With the Village of Brockport being on the centerline, students, faculty, staff, and locals should expect an increase of traffic in the Village.

Stay tuned for further updates related to the Total Eclipse of the Port as we get closer to April 8, 2024.