The Six-Month BWell Health Challenge was a Great Success

The BWell Health Challenge started on September 12, 2022 and ended April 3, 2023.  Originally, 110 employees registered in September. Through December, there were 57 active members, by the closing, there were 45 active members.

The challenge consisted of weekly self-challenges, bi-weekly support groups, bi-weekly weigh-ins and monthly meet-ups – plus weekly informational emails. The participants chose what they wanted to participate in.

Participants were educated on various health topics and tips such as nutrition and exercise, mindset, emotional eating, portion control, the importance of fiber, that self-care is not selfish - and much more.

There were two ways to win the Challenge - to get the most participation points, or to lose the most percentage of body weight. There were first, second, and third placements for each of the categories.

The winners for the highest participation points were:

  • First: Jennifer Kegler
  • Second: Bonnie Walck
  • Third: Frank Mancini

For the most percentage of body weight lost, the winners were:

  • First: Darlene Schmitt
  • Second: Gloria Gustke
  • Third: Mary Jo Orzech

Congratulations not only to our winners, but to the members of the challenge who persevered throughout the challenge and made the decision to be healthier!

Of the 23 participants who joined the weigh-in portion of the challenge, the total weight lost was 197 pounds.

Thank you to everyone who participated in making this Challenge a successful one!

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Gloria Lear (

Posted: April 04, 2023