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Time flies when you’re a Golden Eagle! Congratulations on your graduation! As you fly away from the Brockport nest, we’d like to know what your plans are. You are invited to spend just a few minutes completing the First Destination Survey.

Whether you’ve started a career, enrolled in graduate school, or are still figuring things out, we’d like to know. Your answers will be extremely valuable to current and future students. By completing this short (5 - 7 minute) survey, you’ll help them learn about “what’s next” after graduation and help the college plan to meet student needs in the future. And don’t worry, your answers will remain completely confidential. We’d like to know your honest opinion about the time you spent here at Brockport.

Thank you for your participation and best wishes for success in your first destination beyond Brockport.

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Posted: April 04, 2023