March 31: Cisco AnyConnect VPN Will Retire

BITS has been working to improve the campus cybersecurity tools. As part of these efforts, the Cisco AnyConnect VPN is being replaced with the Paloalto Global Protect VPN on March 31, 2023 as announced in the March BITS newsletter.

BITS has directly contacted members of the campus who have connected to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN in the last two months by email.  

The Global Protect VPN is available in the self-service software applications on all Brockport owned computers. For Windows PC’s you can find the Global Protect VPN installer in Company Portal or Software Center depending on your computer. For MAC computers you can find the VPN installer in the SUNY Brockport App.

If you have already switched to the Global Protect VPN, you are all set. Please just use the Global Protect VPN instead of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN once it is installed if you need to use a VPN to access select campus resources from off campus. 

For information about the VPN service and instructions on how to use Software Center or the SUNY Brockport Self-Service app for MAC’s, please see the Brockport VPN Information: Paloalto Global Protect article.

Need assistance installing the Global Protect VPN? Please submit a ticket here: I Need Help, or call the IT Service Desk at (585) 395-5151 Option 1 to get assistance.

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Posted: March 28, 2023