Computing Sciences Professor Publishes Research at Information Systems Conference

Dr. Mehruz Kamal (Department of Computing Sciences) presented and published her latest research at the 25th Southern Association for Information Systems conference, a leading regional Information Systems conference on March 24, 2023.

Dr. Kamal’s research paper is titled, “Cloud Services for Microenterprise Sustainability – Multi case Analysis.


In this study, the opportunity offered by cloud services within microenterprises is investigated. Since the ability of micro-enterprises to adopt technology depends upon the unique conditions in which they find themselves, the goal of this study is to investigate and assess such adoption through a very systematic and contextualized approach. An action research methodology was used to investigate three micro-enterprises in Western New York during a five-month timespan. The contribution of this study is in applying a modified adaptation of the capabilities framework to understand the impact from adopting and using cloud services within micro-enterprises.

If you would like to learn more about this study and/or are interested in collaborating on future research studies, please reach out to Dr. Kamal.

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