Martha Matilda Harper Display at Drake Library

Martha Matilda Harper
Drake Memorial Library is hosting a display on Martha Matilda Harper, American dreamer and entrepreneur. Harper opened her first hair salon in 1888 when hair preparation outside the home was considered vulgar. Using her combined talents for hair care and marketing, she was able to create an international business with over 500 locations.

Martha Matilda Harper paved the way for the concept of the hair salon. She then proceeded to open franchise stores before the invention of franchising, all from Rochester, New York. 

Drake Library has on display actual items from the Harper Salons, courtesy of history professor, Dr. Morag Martin. Harper’s biographer, Jane R. Plitt, originally owned the loaned Harper Salon items.

The display includes a drawing for a copy of the book, Martha Matilda Harper and the American Dream by Jane R. Plitt, and a $10 Lift Bridge Book Shop gift certificate. The drawing will be held Monday, April 3rd.

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