NY Times Online Access Available for Free to SUNY Brockport

A new special benefit for SUNY Brockport students, faculty, and staff: free access to The New York Times.

Whether you’re prepping course materials or planning for the weekend ahead, discover original, quality journalism that helps you understand the world — and make the most of every part of life.

Enjoy access to The New York Times, compliments of SUNY Brockport. Seek the truth. Find new perspectives. Inform your conversations on nearly every topic.

Contact Drake Memorial Library with questions or comments.

FAQ: Set Up your NYTimes.com Access through SUNY Brockport


To access nytimes.com you must first create or connect your account to our group subscription:

  • If you do not have a NYTimes.com account, you can visit the link below to create an account.
  • If you already have a NYTimes.com account but DO NOT HAVE AN ACTIVE subscription, you can visit the link below and login with your existing credentials.
  • If you are an EXISTING registered subscriber with an ACTIVE PAID subscription, you need to cancel your personal subscription by connecting with NYT’s chat agent on their site, or calling 800-698-4637 before connecting your account to our subscription. Once the subscription is canceled, visit the link below and sign in with your existing credentials.

Set Up Your NYTimes.com Access through SUNY Brockport:


If you encounter any issues, please email edu@nytimes.com.

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Posted: March 10, 2023