Matthew Halloran

Matthew Halloran in lab standing by skeleton


Matthew Halloran discusses how his time at SUNY Brockport formed him into the educator he is today at Victor Central School District.


How would you describe your academic experience at Brockport?

“I came to Brockport in a non-traditional way. I had already graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marine biology a few years prior and had spent time ‘figuring life out.’ I came from a very large school and had become accustomed to very few personal experiences in higher education.

I came to Brockport to start my path toward becoming a teacher and my college experience was completely different. The faculty in the Department of Biology at Brockport were amazing. They always made sure to help when they could and showed that they were truly there for the students, not just for their research. Also, the Biology coursework at Brockport was innovative, informative, and extensive.”

Is there a faculty/staff member that made an impact on you?

“Dr. Laurie Cook was a particularly amazing faculty member. She was a true ‘teacher’ in every course that I took with her. She was always looking for ways to increase our understanding of content and never settled for the boring lecture routine. As an advisor she was truly someone that could be trusted to give great advice and helped me whenever possible.”

Describe your journey after graduating from Brockport.

“After graduating from Brockport, I was immediately hired by Victor Central School District to be a junior high science teacher. In the 10 years since I was hired, I have taught 7th grade Science, 8th grade Science, Environmental Science, Living Environment (what the state calls Biology), Anatomy, and AP Biology! The coursework at Brockport has prepared me for so many of the questions that I currently field from my students.”

What would you tell a future student interested in your field of study?

“Teaching is one of the few truly noble callings. Many times, it will feel exhausting, thankless, and useless. However, not many people get to say that they played a role in inspiring the next generation of scientists!”

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Posted: March 10, 2023