Kimberly Flynn

Kim Flynn stands in the production facility at her job


By pushing herself to explore the many aspects of her field while in our MBA program, Kimberly Flynn unlocked a new career trajectory.


Since starting her career in marketing and communications in 2005, Kimberly “Kim” Flynn has built a solid foundation within the business world. Kim started her career at the University of Rochester. In 2017, she moved to Hammer Packaging, a Multi-Color Corporation (MCC), where she has held several roles at the food and beverage packaging company. Currently, she is a strategic marketing manager at MCC Label, focusing on segment marketing. The company is one of the world’s largest global label solution providers, with market segments in Beverage, Wine & Spirits, Food & Dairy, Personal Care & Beauty, Home Care & Laundry, Healthcare, Durables & Technical, and Automotive & Chemicals.

“I chose SUNY Brockport for my MBA because the program’s structure appealed to me, as well as the broad curriculum,” said Kim. “I liked knowing that I could complete the program in two years and be exposed to high-level business acumen. In addition, the faculty was professional but personable, helpful, and brought a great depth of knowledge to the classroom.”

Her fellow MBA classmates also made her experience stand out. With similar job levels in their respective careers, they bonded. They had similar mindsets, traversing through their job and figuring out their next career move. Learning beside each other helped with the challenges they faced in their coursework as well as their personal and professional lives.

Kim’s capstone project was to develop a strategic marketing plan for a division in her organization. This division had not received any marketing support for three years. The marketing campaign heightened the division’s visibility, contributing to more frequent and stronger collaborations with the internal sales team. It also led to an increased lead funnel and justification for additional resources.

“We built a comprehensive plan for this group that included cohesive messaging and a positioning statement, an analysis of the group’s value in the organization, the competitive advantage that this group provided for the company, and then a tactical execution plan: newsletters, social media, website updates, emails, etc.,” Kim explained.

She said that the knowledge she gained from her capstone project was pivotal in changing her career trajectory. Kim decided to seek out additional opportunities to strengthen her strategic marketing prowess. It pushed her to think more comprehensively and strategically about positioning departments, analyzing value propositions, and identifying competitive advantages. As a result, her company has tasked her with more analytical marketing projects, utilizing data and market research to justify organizational investments and priorities. Kim feels more fulfilled and is looking forward to new-found possibilities for career growth.

Her advice to graduate students in the MBA program who are interested in marketing is to think broadly. Kim acknowledges that “marketing” is a big umbrella that encompasses many different areas, and students should explore them all and choose the path that brings them the most fulfillment.

“I never thought I would be this interested in marketing analytics and strategy, but by having the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone thanks to the Brockport MBA program, I now have a renewed career focus with so many opportunities,” she said.

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Posted: March 09, 2023